2016 global data management benchmark report
Businesses believe they could increase overall sales by almost 30%
Good data is part of building a robust business strategy. Today, organizations are using data for nearly every aspect of their business.
Icon Group is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Experian, a leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to our clients around the world.
Download "The 2016 global data management benchmark report" to gain insight into how data practitioners are leveraging and managing their data to generate actionable insight and how proper data management is becoming an organization-wide imperative. The study polled more than 1,400 people across eight countries globally, from a variety of roles and departments.
The data shows:
  • 94% of companies across all levels have experienced internal challenges when trying to improve their data quality
  • 84% of businesses believe data to be an integral part of forming a business strategy, yet 79% of U.S. organizations believe it’s difficult to predict when and where the next data challenge will arise
  • 65% of businesses wait until there are specific issues with their data until they address and fix them
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