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Discover what it takes to achieve best-in-class planning, budgeting and forecasting
Read Aberdeen's "Beyond Spreadsheets : The Next Level in Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting."
If you still use spreadsheets, you’ve got plenty of company.

According to the 167 organizations that responded to a 2014 Aberdeen Benchmark Study, 91% use spreadsheets “in some capacity during financial planning, budgeting and forecasting.” But top performing organizations use spreadsheets in a more limited way then you do , and they use other technologies to drive better performance and outcomes.
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What is the "beyond spreadsheets" approach and why should you adopt it? Find the answers in this recent Aberdeen paper based on their 2014 study. It explains
  • The handful of technologies enables of the best-in-class organizations
  • Process characteristics that distinguish best-in-class performers from the rest
  • How the "beyond spreadsheets" approach helps improve productivity, revenue, and operational margins
Get the full story Download and read "Beyond Spreadsheets: The Next Level in Planning, Budgeting , and Forecasting."
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