Data Integration Services From Icon
With data growth exploding and data infrastructure imploding, data management costs are on the rise. Increasing complexity, inflexible data infrastructure and high data warehousing costs are now directly impacting budgets at a time where companies are trying to do more with less.

Icon's Data Integration Services
We believe that great data empowers great businesses and we understand the need to deliver the right data in the right format at the right time to fuel meaningful analytics and efficient business processes.

At Icon, we have 15 years of experience in implementing world class BI projects for our clients globally. We also provide agile data integration services that lets you combine or migrate data swiftly, painlessly, and cost effectively.

Download a whitepaper "Is your database ready for the era of big data" which details why effective data management is critical to business success.
Our data integration services can help you in the following areas:
Planning & Analysis Planning & Analysis
  • Capacity planning. Accessing the data seamlessly.

  • Transparency, support for heterogeneity, extensibility and scalability.
Design and Development Design and Development
  • Develop & Edit: schemas, views, scripts, rules, queries.

  • Integrating data from multiple data sources.

  • Distributed queries. Metadata and their storage.
Warehouse Management Warehouse Management
  • Performance monitoring, Usage patterns, Exception reporting.
Workflow Management Workflow Management
  • "reliable scripts" for cleaning & analyzing data.
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