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Location intelligence:
an important trend in visual analytics

Find out how you can keep up

Your location data is some of the most strategic data you have. Are you putting it to work for you? Icon and Qlik® can help.

Get exclusive access to the 2017 Location Intelligence Market Study from Dresner Advisory Services to learn:

  • Why location intelligence is such a hot topic
  • Where your peers are using it
  • How Qlik compares to other vendors
  • Why Qlik beats out the competition

We're proud to share that our partner, Qlik, was named #1 in

location intelligence. Their product, Qlik GeoAnalytics® , was ranked highest for geocoding support, integration, and location features.

Download your report now and learn more about location intelligence and how Icon and Qlik can help.
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Icon + Qlik: What We Can Do for You

Since many important organizational decisions rely on data, how you analyze it matters.

We partner with Qlik for BI because their complete analytics platform lets you create visualizations, dashboards, and apps that lead to insights and helps you see the whole story that lives within your data - giving you greater insight to make better business decisions.
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