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Run Your Business Through Mobile

Mobile is changing lives and is a REVOLUTION in itself. Salesforce harnesses the power of smart phones and presents to every customer "Salesforce1", a super powerful mobile platform to revolutionize your sales process.
With "Salesforce1" you can:
Get the latest info, instantly
Pull up Sales Figures in a tap
Organize your Day with meetings
See Urgent messages, posts
Find everything faster, in seconds
Close Deals faster by quickly seeing the status
Manage opportunities, accounts, and contacts
Fly through your To Do list
Take control of your leads
Find everything faster, in seconds
Attend the live webinar which will help you to grow your Sales faster with the World's #1 Sales App.
Live Webinar
Date Thursday
September 10, 2015
Time 5.00 - 6.00pm (SGT)
  2.30 - 3.30pm (IST)
Register now for the live webinar and see for yourself how we can enable you to run your business through Mobile!
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