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Every BI company claims their product is simple to use, flexible to adapt, and fast to implement. And they’ll show it to you under "adult supervision" – using either canned data or lots of consultants.

Enter QlikView, the first business intelligence software designed to work the way your mind works. We invite you to download QlikView now, and personally experience the power and simplicity of associative analysis. No consultants. No canned data. No marketing fluff.

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  Business Intelligence  

Information is the lifeblood of any business. Companies have invested significant resources in applications like ERP, CRM, SCM, e -commerce among others, which collect vast amounts of data.

Today, these same companies are realizing that no matter how robust their application feature sets are, without a robust business intelligence and reporting mechanism to make use of the collected data, these applications are ultimately coming up short in their effectiveness. They do not provide actionable information to end users nor can they provide cross-platform information across all the IT systems and databases.

Business Intelligence and reporting products take the facts (all the data from the organization's various applications, databases, and so on) and provide analysis and dynamic reports that give management a complete picture of the historic trends and what's happening in the organization. They help organizations to plan better and make better decisions.

QlikView - Simplifying Analysis for Everyone

Icon Resources has partnered with QlikTech International (www.qliktech.com) for providing Business Intelligence solutions. QlikTech is the world's fastest growing business intelligence software company (Source - IDC) with 5,500 customers in 68 countries as on 2007.

QlikTech is headquartered in Radnor Pennsylvania, has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Scandinavia, and over 500 partners across the world. QlikTech's flagship product, QlikView,uses next-generation patented in-memory association technology to make sophisticated analysis dramatically easier to deploy, use and maintain.

QlikTech's patented technology Associative Query Language (AQL) allows instant, in- memory, manipulation of massive datasets on low cost hardware, allowing affordable widespread deployment of sophisticated analytic applications in days as against the traditional BI built around OLAP- Online Analytical Processing. Using QlikView, organizations can gain business value quickly as they develop, modify, deploy, and - most importantly - use business intelligence applications.

QlikView is based on a single architecture to cover all types of analysis and reporting needs for all organizations. QlikView enables the end-user in the pursuit of knowledge hidden in operational system data. QlikView easily scales to meet the needs of any organization.

QlikTech is changing the game in business analysis. The new rules in business analysis are:

  • Fast time to value - customers live in less than 30 days, and most in a week.
  • Risk free - available as a fully functional free trial download.
  • Easy to use-end users require no training.
  • Flexible - unlimited dimensions and measures that can be modified in seconds.
  • Integrated - fully integrated business analysis suite - power analysis,
    sophisticated applications and simple reporting on a single architecture.
  • Powerful - near-instant response time on massive data volumes

Qlik View - The edge

QlikView empowers users to make the right decisions at any time and puts knowledge at their fingertips wherever they are. Analysis can be done entirely off-line on a laptop and remains fully functional. Results can be printed as reports, saved as Adobe PDFs, sent to Microsoft Excel or copied into other Microsoft Office applications. QlikView works the way users work.

Traditional OLAP business intelligence takes the path of firstly defining the data source, cleansing and mapping the data, defining and building the data cube, and finally building the user interface. This process usually takes between two to four months to complete, and is costly.

QlikView breaks the traditional role of "Cube Building", and directly accesses data sources from OLEDB, OBDC, HTML, XML, SQL, Excel, Access, and text files. QlikView integrates data from all sources and builds applications quickly. Companies can develop a complete suite of applications in a matter of weeks instead of months using traditional OLAP methodology. ( Provide link for taking to the comparative chart of OLAP vs AQL)

QlikView uses AQL which can interface with various systems and extract data from various data sources. The data is then gelled together to form a data mine. Using this technology, the function of "cube" building is bypassed.

Business Benefits

      • Ease of use
      • Rapid deployment
      • Short learning curve
      • Fast ROI
      • Low Cost of Ownership
      • Low pressure on ITdepartment

If you have any queries on Business Intelligence and its capabilities, feel free to get in touch with our business managers for a consultation and demonstration.