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How Do Best-in-Class Companies Stay a Step Ahead?
Aberdeen Report: Industry Leaders Use Self-Service BI to Elevate Business Performance Company-Wide
The responsibilities of todayís line-of-business (LoB) managers are both strategic and operational. They need to make quick decisions based on complete, real-time data. And they donít have time to wait for reports from IT.
The Analytical Business User: Boosting Performance with Self-Service BI is part 1 of a two-part special report from Aberdeen Group that outlines how leading companies use self-service BI to empower their LoB users and outperform the competition.
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Put the Power of Information in All the Right Hands
Aberdeen Report
Get your complimentary Aberdeen report, The Analytical Business User: Boosting Performance with Self-Service BI.
Find out how these best-in-class companies achieve:
  • 27% more new customer accounts sold than industry average
  • 3x greater increase in customer retention than industry average
  • 157% greater increase in customer satisfaction than industry average
  • 67% greater increase in operating profit than industry average

Get Part 1 of the Aberdeen report and learn why leading companies consistently turn to self-service BI for a competitive advantage.
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