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How Industry Leaders Empower Users and Outperform the Competition
Aberdeen Special Report: Step-By-Step Instructions on Implementing Self-Service BI to Achieve Best-in-Class Business Performance
In part 1 of its special BI report, The Analytical Business User: Boosting Performance with Self-Service BI, Aberdeen Group details why best-in-class companies consistently use self-service BI as a strategic tool to outperform their competition.
Part 2, The Path to Self-Service BI: Aligning Resources to Empower the Business User, provides in-depth detail on best-practice process, procedure, methodologies, and technologies for turning business users into strategic decision-makers.
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Empower Users and Boost Business Performance with Self-Service BI
Aberdeen Report
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Learn precisely how best-in-class companies achieve these numbers:
  • 80% more likely to improve business function KPIs than industry average
  • 157% greater increase in customer satisfaction than industry average
  • 67% greater increase in operating profit than industry average

Learn from top-performing companies—find out how they give business users the power they need to create their own dashboards, ask their own questions, and access all their data sources.
Download the Aberdeen special report now.
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