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Emerging Channel Partner of the Year Award for Asia Pacific

We are pleased to inform you that we have been awarded the Emerging Channel Partner of the Year Award for Asia Pacific by ThoughtSpot.

The ThoughtSpot Partner of the Year Awards, announced annually, recognize leading global ThoughtSpot partners that solve a business problem, deliver value to customers with analytics, contribute significantly to the ThoughtSpot ecosystem and showcase commitment in helping to create a more fact-driven world through data.

ThoughtSpot is the next generation analytics platform that makes analytics accessible for every business person through the power of search & AI.

ThoughtSpot is reinventing how companies make decisions by putting the power of their data in the hands of every employee, empowering them to transform their organizations at every level. It brings a Google-like search interface to get granular insights from billions of rows of data and comes with SpotIQ, an AI-driven calculation engine with insight-detection algorithms to uncover insights from questions you might not have thought to ask. It’s simple, smart, and delivers speed at scale, enabling business people to use an easy, natural search experience to analyze company data in seconds and get trusted AI-driven automated insights in a single click.

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