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Real-time, high-performance sales analytics and reporting with QlikView
Go beyond the basics of analysing, segmenting and targeting customers and prospects to increase conversation rates and revenue.

Leverage QlikView for advanced sales analytics tomanage your sales pipeline and forecasts, track performance against goals, measure effectiveness of promotions, measure digital marketing initiatives vs ROI, and benchmark effectiveness of new product launches.

QlikView's BI dashboards and sales specific apps put Sales managers into the driver's seat and enable them to run reports and create dashboards on the fly to detect market changes and respond to new opportunities and improve business performance.
QlikView can help in
  • Improved pipeline management - With QlikView┬«, sales managers can gain immediate, up-to-date visibility into pipeline and progress against plan. Users can quickly visualize pipeline vs. forecast, track performance against goals, and assess "what-if" scenarios by territory and products.
  • Better understanding of performance - Sales managers can rely on insights on historical performance to better determine future forecasts, allocate resources, define target accounts and appropriately set compensation and incentives.
  • More value from Salesforce.com and CRM - QlikView connects to Salesforce.com through an optimized connector and allows for CRM data to be combined with additional data sources ,thus transforming your CRM data into actionable performance!
Download the Analyst Report on "Sales Analytics: Data-Driven Forecasting for Better Quota Attainment" to know more!

Download the free Analyst Report on
"Sales Analytics: Data-Driven Forecasting
for Better Quota Attainment".

Sales Analytics

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