Jedox – Seamless Enterprise Performance Management

Jedox Enterprise Performance Management software streamlines budgeting, planning, and forecasting across the entire organization. Jedox simplifies planning for business users in all departments and provides controlled, role-based access to a single source of truth.

Plan, analyze, report on ONE integrated EPM software platform

Integrated corporate performance management software provides reliable data, insights and guidance to everyone in your company. Jedox delivers it all: Self-service budgeting, planning and forecasting combined with intuitive analytics and BI dashboards in one integrated software platform. Users across the enterprise in any department from finance to sales and human resources create integrated plans and reports based on the same data model business logic.

ExcelPLUS – Remove the risks from your spreadsheets

Excel is still the most widely used tool for planning, analytics and reporting. Jedox removes the risks from Excel-based business processes while building on your existing Excel know-how. Convert your spreadsheets to an enterprise-class solution with a fast in-memory database, controlled access, workflows, seamless data integration and rich capabilities for analytics and reporting capabilities.

Configure and customize your EPM solution

The powerful Jedox modeling engine enables you to build tailored corporate performance management solutions. Create flexible applications for highly complex organizations, large data and user scenarios, and multi-step workflows and reporting processes.

Collaborate and gain insights – anywhere, anytime

Delight your users and increase productivity through the Jedox Mobile application and integrated collaboration features. These innovative technologies create a richer experience and strong engagement for users while boosting efficiency and accuracy. Jedox ‘Unified View’ ensures seamless access to the same information and dashboards from any device. Harness the power of collaboration to drive future success – anytime, anywhere.

Kick-start your project with pre-built application models

Jedox Models provide best-practice applications for finance, sales, human resources and other departments. These pre-built applications leverage industry expertise and best practice from around the world are to kick-start your next enterprise performance management project. Explore Jedox Models in the Jedox Marketplace to find a solution that you can configure for your business requirements.

Connect Seamlessly to any IT Platform

With over 50+ out-of-the-box connectors to enterprise software, best-of-breed applications and leading data sources, Jedox integrates seamlessly into any IT platform. Use the powerful ETL tool, Jedox Integrator, to easily connect to any data source in the cloud or on-premises.

Leverage Your Qlik Analytics Investment

Jedox gives you seamless integration with Qlik so that everyone in the company benefits from freedom and flexibility when it comes to analyzing planning data. Learn more about how you can enrich your Qlik system with data capture and write-back to the database as well as specific planning functionality such as easy top-down planning and driver-based bottom-up planning.

Enable Granular Data Governance

Self-service is the key to faster insights. With Jedox you ensure that only valid data is used for decision-making. Manage access to sensitive information and data governance at the most granular level – down to a single cell in the database. Role-based access, audit logs and differentiated licenses for application designers, planners and casual users give you everything you need to create a modern CPM software platform.