BI Expert Services - Strategy and Roadmap
A business intelligence strategy refers to all the steps you undertake in order to implement a business intelligence solution for your company. This includes defining the BI process, defining the stakeholders, defining the goals and finding the performance indicators that will help you measure your efforts to achieve your goals. An organization’s BI strategy is first defined in terms of organization vision, processes, architecture and solutions and then the roadmap is drawn based on the assessment, priorities and feasibility.
We help organizations in the following areas:

  1. BI Roadmap – for use as a start-up to a BI strategy implementation project
  2. Stakeholder Management – getting the right people involved at the right level
  3. Architectural Blueprint – how the BI blueprint will look and operate.
  4. Capability Improvement – what needs upgrading, re-developing or decommissioning
  5. Implementation Planning – how to approach implementing the roadmap to take you from here to there.