BlackLine - Accounting Process Automation
BlackLine Accounting Process Automation solution improves the speed, accuracy, and reliability of the reconciliation to the adjustment process by automating your routine and high-volume transactional processes. Through configurable, rules-based certification and matching workflows, controlled roles-based access, and automated journal validation, creation, and posting, organizations are able to put an end to mundane tasks and enable teams to apply their valuable skills to larger issues that support strategic business objectives.

Optimize Efficiency

  • Automate routine, high-volume tasks that are prone to human error and consume valuable staff resources.
  • Standardized reconciliation templates combined with configurable certification and matching rules enable a best practice approach to automate the validation of low-risk accounts.

Increase Accuracy

  • Automatically import and centralize transactional data from multiple source systems and impart intelligent automation rules to create a structured and consistent approach to managing and handling your most onerous accounting tasks.
  • By applying pre-posting validation to journals and automatically matching transactions across business applications, error-prone, manual processes are effectively eliminated to improve the speed and accuracy of your accounting workflows.

Enhance Internal Controls

  • Controlled roles-based access, coupled with configurable approval and certification workflows, supports strong operational governance and delivers full auditability across your standardized and streamlined finance processes to reduce the risk of control failure and misstatement.
  • Automated processes are continuously monitored, teams are quickly alerted to any deficiencies and discrepancies, ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance.