BlackLine - Close Process Management
BlackLine Close Process Management provides accounting and finance departments with best practice tools to help manage and tame the “last mile of finance”. By standardizing and embedding controls in reconciliation and period-end close processes, organizations are able to eliminate labor-intensive, non-value adding activities and streamline decentralized and disjointed workflows that lengthen cycle times, increase the risk of control failure, and threaten the integrity of financial statements.

Close Smarter

  • Centralize task management – from assignment to execution, review, and signoff – to provide a holistic view of operational performance and ensure compliance with various regulatory and reporting standards.
  • Best practice workflows improve productivity and efficiency by reducing time-consuming, manual activities that deliver little to no value add, and automated internal controls help to mitigate risk while also streamlining your internal and external audit processes.

Strengthen Key Controls

  • Embedded policies and procedures, certification checklists, automatic carry-over of aging and open items, role-based workflows, and electronic certifications enhance controls and accounting oversight.
  • Global and cross-functional teams can easily collaborate and communicate in one place to quickly and effectively handle exceptions and analyze your real-time financial data.

Ensure Financial Integrity

  • Centralize and validate data in a single place, and automate certification of certain accounts to free up time for your accountants to focus on ensuring the accuracy and completeness of financial results, rather than performing manual, tedious tasks.
  • Tasks can also be linked to reconciliations to guarantee the correct sequence, flow, and rollup of related activities, while automated and standardized workflows ensure that every balance is fully substantiated.