BlackLine - Intercompany Hub
Centralize and streamline end-to-end intercompany accounting

The BlackLine Intercompany Hub empowers organizational entities and business units to approve, review, and reconcile intercompany transactions and balances across currencies and geographies in real time. Centralize end-to-end intercompany accounting management and streamline process, reduce risk, and realize global visibility.

Global, Multi-Entity Centralization

  • Bringing intercompany data from every entity’s systems into BlackLine’s cloud-based system yields a single, centralized view into all activity around intercompany accounting.
  • The Intercompany Hub provides real-time processing, eliminates differences, generates invoices, and automatically books journal entries to otherwise disconnected systems

Decreased Risk and Maximized Control

  • The Intercompany Hub manages the intricacies of currency values, transaction amounts, and tax implications with precise, customer defined templates than can be enabled on an entity-to-entity basis.
  • The controls are applied when automatically creating and booking journal entries across all entities’ disparate systems. Each company’s customizable intercompany transaction governance guidelines and controls ensure compliance and control through every step in this historically complex process.

Multiple ERP Interoperability

  • Multinational and multiple-entity organizations often use different, disconnected ERP systems for a variety of reasons. ERP connectivity, from data integration to journal posting, is required to successfully centralize global intercompany accounting.
  • Whether using a single ERP system across all entities or many disparate financial systems around the world, BlackLine software integrates with your existing systems to manage complex end-to-end intercompany accounting all in one place, a single source of truth for global organizations.