Business Analytics Catalog

Enterprises have made substantial investments in the data and analytics space over the years. Most enterprises currently own multiple analytics tools like Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, MicroStrategy and SAP Business Objects.

Multiple BI platforms

A recent Forrester Research study reveals that almost 80% of companies use three or more business intelligence (BI) products. Multiple BI platforms tend to create data silos and analysis and reporting using these leads to duplication of effort and governance complexity.

Plethora of BI Reports

Another challenge for enterprises is the sheer number of reports getting generated, making business users report rich but information poor.

Lack of Uniformity

Countless reports, dashboards and spreadsheets are created throughout organizations on a daily basis, all in different formats, lengths, shapes and colors, depending on the preferences of the person who prepares them. Lack of uniformity in reports can be confusing and can impede the decision-making process.

It is, therefore, very important for enterprises to consider consolidating BI, reporting and communication standards in a single hub to drive efficiency, promote self-service report governance and optimize their analytic infrastructure investments.

Bring critical data together quickly for timely decisions
Enterprises need to gain a unified view from all of their reporting sources in order to derive insights quickly and make informed business decisions.

Business Analytics Catalog is a solution that offers a portal-like environment that facilitates access to reports and dashboards that have been built with different BI tools. It has a single interface which provides direct access to all analytics assets, including reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, applications and data.

The analytics catalog acts as a BI over BI and gives visibility across all reports and the entire reporting environment through a report management hub, thereby mitigating risk and increasing productivity, efficiency and governance with agility.

The Business Analytics Catalog offers

Single Sign on Portal for ease of use

  • Single application
  • Access to all analytics assets
  • Access to all analytics asset metadata
  • Retains existing analytics asset folder structures and categories

Functionality to increase productivity

  • Holistic enterprise search
  • Certification of reports
  • Customizable workflows
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • AI-driven recommendations

Intelligent Management Capabilities to maximize ROI

  • Cross-platform report details
  • Report usage (by platform and by user)
  • TCO dashboard for impact analysis
  • Enterprise search

Governance Features for accuracy

  • Report statistics
  • Certification
  • Community engagement and feedback
  • Bad or duplicate reports

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