Dashboarding, Analytics & Reporting
Easily analyse complex data to make strategic decisions quickly and effectively

Organizations generate enormous amounts of structured and unstructured data through their systems, transactions, customer care operations and other business processes. This data can be mined to generate deep insights to help drive better decision-making.

Our Dashboarding, Analytics and Reporting solutions enable organizations to explore, prepare and transform data into visually appealing dashboards and create dynamic, user friendly reports tailored to business user expectations.

Our Services


  • We can help you to create self-service, customizable dashboards to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time.
  • We can help you to create dashboards which can drill into critical business KPIs and slice and dice data for in-depth analysis.
  • We can enable you to visualize and analyze data and KPIs from across the organization on your dashboard, helping you gain valuable insight and drive accurate decision making.


  • Our analytic solutions can help you to explore all business data in any direction with no pre-aggregated data or pre-defined queries to hold you back.
  • Our solutions can help business users discover insights from their data by doing powerful, on-the-fly calculations and aggregations, which instantly update all analytics with a single click.
  • We can help to analyze data to generate insights by combining different data sources, no matter how many and how large they are.


  • Our solutions can help to deliver reports the way you need them. We can help to deliver the right reports to the right people at the right time.
  • Our solutions can develop reports with drag-and-drop simplicity in a variety of popular formats. Reports can be created in Microsoft® Office formats including PowerPoint, Excel and Word. We can also create highly polished pixel-perfect reports in HTML and other formats.
  • Our reporting solutions can filter information for customized reports relevant to the user.


  • Our solutions offer full spectrum of mapping and geospatial capabilities and can meet the needs of a wide variety of location-related requirements.
  • Our solutions can help to efficiently access, visualize and analyze any existing geospatial related data and applications.
  • We offer flexible options for implementation from a fully hosted solution to a completely on premise deployment or a combination of the two.

Icon – Our Edge

We are one of the leading data analytics consulting partner in Asia. We have worked closely with large enterprise clients globally, helping them to harness the power of data analysis and data visualization. We help clients improve the way they access, visualize, and interact with their data.

We currently partner with 300+ global corporations and have more than 1000+ successful data analytics implementations across Singapore, India and other parts of Asia, Australia and the Middle East.
We work with global customers across multiple industry verticals – Manufacturing, Logistics, BFSI, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Education, Public Sector to name a few.

Our client-ready applications for various industry verticals enable us to deliver best-in-class, secure, and scalable solutions to our clients.

Solutions delivered across Industry Verticals


We work with leading manufacturing customers and have helped them to use their data to optimize complex manufacturing processes and improve their supply chain agility.

We have helped our clients in the following areas

  • Improve their key performance indicators in real time – machine utilization, process efficiency costs, inventory levels, losses and cycle times across locations and time
  • Carry out in-depth cost analysis to track materials, manufacturing and production costs through multiple layers of information
  • Streamline production schedules and inventory thus enabling front-line workers to make real-time decisions, thereby reducing waste and improving on-time delivery
  • Take full control of their supply chain by connecting directly to ERP, SCM, forecasting, MES, and other internal systems as well as external data sources like third-party logistics systems
  • Analyze Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) easily to understand uptime at each production site and improve through put

Dashboards that we have developed for our manufacturing customers

  • Plant Analysis
  • Outstanding/ Stock Ageing Dashboard
  • Stock Turnover Dashboard
  • Operations &Maintenance Dashboard
  • Material Management Dashboard
  • SOP Demand Supply Matching Dashboard
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Report
  • Stock Commitment Report

Dashboard Examples – Plant Operations and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)


We work with many of the world’s largest automotive clients and help them to leverage the power of analytics to create winning strategies. Our data analytics solutions have helped our customers to streamline their Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), gain full visibility into their supply chain ecosystem and improve business insights from their data, making them responsive to dynamic customer trends.

We have helped our customers to

  • Increase visibility across vehicle sales and gain better insights into their buyer profiles and distribution performance
  • Improve parts management by matching inventory with the production plan to determine stock levels and take corrective action to reduce inventory costs
  • Effectively track and control commissions and vehicle rebates
  • Measure overall equipment effectiveness to analyze how effectively manufacturing equipment is being utilized
  • Improve dealer performance across orders, inventory and regions

Dashboards developed for automotive clients

  • Sales & After Sales Dashboard
  • Production Planning
  • Daily Production Reports
  • Dealer Management System Dashboard
  • Spares Inventory Dashboard
  • Quality & Defect Dashboard
  • Market Performance Dashboard

Automotive Client Dashboard

Financial Services

We work with leading clients in the banking and financial services sector and have helped our customers to maximize their ability to target, grow and service clients and achieve higher growth.

Our data analytics solutions have helped leading financial services companies to make more competitive risk decisions and enhance their overall customer experience.

With our deep subject matter expertise in the financial services industry, we have helped our banking and Insurance customers to

  • Create Customer 360 Degree views which can segregate customers based on their past transactions and buying pattern,thereby providing in-depth customer insights.
  • Define customer segments and profile customers into groups with similar demand characteristics.
  • Do “Churn Probability” and create clustering of potential buyers based on Interest level and purchase history.
  • Gain customer insights on their propensity to buy, sell or claim. Monitor the performance of sales agents and highlight areas of under performance.
  • Improve cash management and loan book profitability in bank branches.
  • Reduce claims costs with effective fraud indicator analysis and transaction quality monitoring.
  • Use analytic solutions to improve capital efficiency and better manage exposure across asset classes.

Dashboards developed for BFSI clients

  • Customer 360degree dashboard
  • Customer demographics dashboard
  • Product performance dashboard
  • Product recommendation and interest level dashboard
  • Customer rating dashboard

Dashboard Examples


Our best-in-class sales analytics solutions enable organizations to be more effective and grow their revenue consistently.

We have implemented sales analytics solutions across global organizations and have enabled them to analyze and segment customers and prospects to increase conversion rates and revenue, manage their sales pipeline effectively and to forecast and improve their tracking of performance against goals.

We have helped our customers the following areas

  • We have helped sales teams to analyze all current and historical data to identify relevant trends and behavior patterns, building more accuracy into quota analysis, benchmarks and forecasting.
  • With our solutions, sales teams can freely explore sales data to improve targeting and call-list quality. They can uncover new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, thereby increasing conversions
  • Our solutions help to Improve pipeline control and revenue performance, identify risks to revenue and create better collaboration between managers and sales teams
  • We help our clients to forecast more accurately, giving a clear view of the entire sales cycle, thereby enabling better performance analysis


We have worked with finance team across organizations from different industry vertical and have helped them to leverage data analytics solutions to reduce costs and risks, improve profitability and transparency and guide more informed decisions.

We have helped numerous clients to automate their manual financial processes and collaborate on planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis. Our solution has helped them to perform powerful, what-if scenario modeling for insights into product, customer and sales channel profitability.

We have helped our customers to enhance their finance business function across the following areas

  • We have helped finance teams to gain better operational and financial control by using our solutions for advanced forecasting, budgeting and planning. Our solutions have helped them to perform in-depth analysis of their budgets and financial plans and plan effective strategies to save money and reduce risk.
  • With our solutions, we have helped the finance function to transform visibility into cost reduction opportunities so as to reduce their costs and expenses. We have also helped them to manage and investigate expenses in real-time to understand their spending trends.
  • We have helped and delivered finance dashboards that provide a consolidated view of revenue and profits which has helped in maximizing revenue, market share and trade offs.
  • We have enabled finance and accounting departments to make more informed decisions using analytics for cash-flow, break-even, amortization etc.
  • Our solution have helped finance teams to take better risk and compliance decisions by unifying data from across enterprise data silos, thus enabling them to operate with more transparency to reduce the compliance burden.