Enterprise-ready Data Analytics

HP Vertica Analytics Platform for Big Data analytics

Big Data Analytics gives you the power to turn data into strategic insights so you can act on opportunities rapidly, detect operational issues early, and optimize processes efficiently.

HP Big Data Services can help you reshape your IT infrastructure to corral these increasing volumes of bytes—from e-mails, social media, and website downloads—and convert them into beneficial information. Our Big Data solutions encompass strategy, design, implementation, protection and compliance. We deliver these solutions in three steps:

Big Data analyticsBig Data Architecture Strategy: We’ll define the functionalities and capabilities needed to align your IT with your Big Data initiatives. Through transformation workshops and roadmap services, you’ll learn to capture, consolidate, manage and protect business-aligned information, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Big Data analyticsBig Data System Infrastructure: Our experts will design and implement a high-performance, integrated platform to support a strategic architecture for Big Data. Choose form design and implementation services, reference architecture implementations and integration services. Your flexible, scalable infrastructure will support Big Data variety, consolidation, analysis, share and search on HP platforms.

Big Data analyticsBig Data Protection: Ensure availability, security and compliance of Big Data systems. Our consultants can help you safeguard your data, achieve regulatory compliance and lifecycle protection across your Big Data landscape, as well as improve your backup and continuity measures.

We can help you realize the value of your data. With our field-proven, integrated approach, we can help you transform your IT infrastructure for Big Data, from servers and clusters to storage and networking.