Running at the speed of business.

IBM DB2 helps organizations become fast, efficient and flexible.

IBM DB2 helps meet big data challenges with speed, flexibility, and business-grade reliability

Many organizations can find the massive amounts of data generated from high-volume transactions, call centers, sensors, web logs, and digital images overwhelming. The success of your business depends on meeting big data challenges, while continually improving operational efficiency.

Whether you are facing demands for faster analytics, more transactions or uninterrupted availability, your data systems must be flexible and resilient to address these challenges.

Having a robust data system is fundamental. More importantly, different data workloads require specialized capabilities to excel.

Next generation of in-memory computing from IBM

The DB2 platform has been used by thousands of businesses worldwide to manage and leverage data to achieve goals such as improved customer service, revenue growth, and reduced costs and risk. Now it is extended to provide the insight businesses need to achieve new objectives.


BLU Acceleration processes terabytes of data extremely quickly. Even when you query compressed data, BLU Acceleration delivers answers fast. Add the ability to analyze data without fitting the entire dataset into memory, and it delivers at lightning speed. This level of performance means that you can leverage analytics at the speed of thought for a competitive edge.


You create the tables, load the data and get insight with BLU Acceleration. No tuning, no tweaking. Coupled with automated administration features, your IT team saves time throughout the process.


BLU Acceleration provides true business agility with exceptional simplicity. It delivers breakthrough performance without the cost or limitations of in-memory only systems. Even when your data exceeds the size of available memory, BLU Acceleration dynamically optimizes for most efficient access of information. BLU Acceleration is the only option that can be deployed on multiple platforms and on the cloud.