Incentive & Compensation Management
Our incentive and compensation management solution helps organizations to improve sales performance and manage incentives and compensation better.

Our incentive and compensation management solution can help track the sales team’s performance to identify coaching opportunities, manage territory definitions and set sales quotas based on the market opportunity.

Improve Territory and Quota management

  • Align territories and incentive compensation to motivate sales
  • Use a single source of truth for territory masters and hierarchies
  • Increase top line revenue and sales margins

Analyze and Optimize Sales

  • Understand the impact of plan changes through scenario modeling
  • Track and monitor sales performance with reporting and analytics
  • Uncover insights in sales plans and activities through data visualization

View Dashboards and Monitor Key Sales Performance Indicators

  • Build and automate sales incentive compensation plans easily
  • Handle inquiries submitted by salespeople who have a concern about their commission payout

Improve Engagement with Sales Reps

  • Streamline communication with sales reps and avoid lengthy and disputed resolution processes
  • Increase transparency, rank sales team’s performance, track compensation disputes and get updated compensation statements.

Accurately Calculate Incentive Compensation

  • Automate the process and get a richer understanding of compensation data ensure accurate cash flow forecasts
  • Minimize disputes and mitigate incentive compensation errors