Information Management

Make your data more reliable, accessible, and reusable

Effectively manage and optimize your structured and unstructured data with our data management solutions

Information Management Consulting Services

Data the most valuable asset an enterprise owns in this digital world. Key digital transformation initiatives are driven by Data and organizations need to leverage Data effectively to enhance their agility, growth and responsiveness to ever changing market dynamics.

At Icon, we provide our clients with a structured solution framework comprising of industry leading tools, processes and governance models to effectively manage their data for deep analysis and reporting. Our data management consulting team has worked with global clients across different industries, helping them to manage multiple streams of data – both structured and unstructured.

Services we offer

Data Engineering

We have a robust team of data management specialists who can help to customize ELT / ETL processes tailored to your specifics needs

  • Data extraction from multiple sources
  • Custom design – ETL / ELT process flows
  • Structured and Unstructured data management
  • Data transformation and loading to on premise or on cloud Data Warehouse

Data Preparation

We help our clients to speed up their data preparation process flows by using industry leading proprietary tools and platforms to cleanse, prepare and manage their data for further analysis

  • Data wrangling and enhancement
  • Building secure data models
  • Data lineage and metadata analysis
  • Data structuring, cleaning, enriching and governance

Data Migration and Integration

We help to optimize data migration and integration processes including ETL design, ETL implementation and ETL testing

  • Data migration services
  • Data integration architecture consulting
  • Data integration capabilities in the cloud

Data Warehousing & Data Lake

We offer data warehousing consulting and implementation services and partner with our clients to build robust data warehouses, both on premise and on cloud

  • Data warehouse consulting
  • Data warehouse configuration and development
  • Data warehouse Integration Services
  • Maintenance and support services

Data Governance & Data Quality

Our data governance & data quality solutions help to make your data more reliable, accessible and reusable thereby improving its accuracy and consistency

  • Standardize data systems, policies, and procedures
  • Ensure regulatory and organizational compliance
  • Data quality tool integration
  • Improvise data reporting systems

Cloud Data Services

We offer cloud-based data services around implementation, migration, data architecture and data pipeline design along with BI integration

  • Cloud data implementation services
  • Data architecture and pipeline design
  • Migration to cloud
  • Analytics & BI integration

Customer success stories


We helped a leading healthcare firm to achieve significant cost savings by building a robust regional data warehouse created in MS SQL with SSIS being used for transformation of source data. This data warehouse eliminated the need for maintaining multiple data warehouses, thereby saving on maintenance costs.


We enabled a global Insurance client to get a 360-degree view of the customers and perform predictive analysis in order to drive sales. This was achieved by consolidating customer data from multiple data sources and building a data warehouse using pentaho and SQL Server, thereby eliminating the need to access multiple applications to fetch customer data.

Public Sector

Our data warehousing solution enabled a leading public sector organization to perform corporate office analytics for internal audit, procurement and finance divisions. The data warehousing platform was built using Informatica and Oracle DB, and enabled direct connectivity to the data analytics tool for further analysis.

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