Inter-company Reconciliation Management
Our inter-company accounting management solutions can centralize and streamline end-to-end intercompany accounting. The solution can centrally interface with all the company’s core ERPs and other systems, creating intercompany transactions and distributing data and automated journal entries from a centralized system.
  • Centralize and Streamline End-to-End Intercompany Accounting – our solution can empower organizational entities and business units to approve, review and reconcile intercompany transactions and balances across currencies and geographies in real time.
  • Global, Multi-Entity Centralization – our solution provides real-time processing, eliminates differences, generates invoices, and automatically books journal entries to otherwise disconnected systems, removing the need for manual intercompany reconciliations.
  • Decreased Risk and Maximized Control – our solution manages the intricacies of currency values, transaction amounts and tax implications with precise, customer defined templates than can be enabled on an entity-to-entity basis.
  • Streamlined Settlement and Global Visibility – our solution helps you to gain real-time intelligence into the business by viewing settlement amounts – who owes whom within an organization – and drilling down into specific initiator-recipient relationships to view the associated transactions.
  • Multiple ERP Interoperability – our solution integrates with your existing systems to manage complex end-to-end intercompany accounting all in one place – a single source of truth for global organizations.