KPI Management & Scorecarding
We offer a full range of services for designing and implementing balanced scorecard and KPI systems.

We help you to gain key insights into your company’s performance with easy-to-scan charts and graphs so that you can make strategic business decisions. We also help to customize your specific scorecards with charts and graphs by integrating data from different departments like finance, HR, Sales and marketing, operations etc.

We support our clients in each stage of the implementation process – diagnostics, development, implementation, testing and automation, right up to the launch of the system.

Some of our solution in specific business verticals are

  • Automotive – Sales & After Sales Dashboard, Production Planning, Daily Production Reports, Dealers Management System Dashboard, Spares Inventory Dashboard
  • Manufacturing – Production Planning, Inventory Analysis, Sales & Distribution Management, Predictive Maintenance
  • Insurance –Customer Clustering, Customer Churn Prediction, Claims Management, Sales Analysis
  • Healthcare – Primary and Secondary Sales Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of field force, Demand Planning and Analysis, New Product Analysis

Some of our solution in specific function areas are

  • Finance - Financial Planning & Analysis, Expense Management, Cash Flow Management
  • Supply Chain – Inventory Management, Operational Planning, Supplier Management
  • Sales & Marketing – Pipeline & Quota Management, Sales Planning, Channel Analysis
  • HR – Workforce Management, Recruitment, Payroll & Compensation
  • IT – Helpdesk Management, IT Infrastructure Management, Inventory Tracking
Sample Dashboards
Figure 4: Sample Dashboard for Manufacturing Domain (Maintenance Planning)
Figure 6: Sample Dashboard (Actual Vs Forecast Analysis)