Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Our project and portfolio management software from CAMMS enables businesses to streamline project processes, align projects to organizational strategy and easily monitor a project’s scope, cost, timeframes, risks, resources and delivery.

CAMMS’ software will allow you to manage projects of all sizes – large and small – and configure workflows and templates to suit your organizational practices.

Our PPM solution gives you the ability to rank projects, assign tasks and allocate resources all in one system timelines and Gantt charts to track your progress.

Communicate with members of your team in real time – whether they’re in the same office on the other side of the world – via its chat function. You can also monitor the latest actions from your team with its live activity stream and set notifications and reminders for tasks.

Reporting is also simple – with a click of a button you can get a weekly, monthly or annual picture of what your team has achieved.

Key Benefits

  • A systematic and standardized approach to managing projects across the organization
  • Quickly and easily get projects off the ground without compromising on quality
  • Contracts managed more effectively with complete visibility
  • Better visibility of project activity across the entire project lifecycle
  • Project management linked to business plans and strategic goals
  • Improved cost control by providing managers with real-time project and financial results
  • Better staff engagement through simple, intuitive and easy-to-navigate systems
  • Communicate with members of your team via the Hub, meaning less emails and meetings
  • Reduce resources needed to manage projects with data automation, portfolio management capabilities and consistent methodology
  • Available on mobile and tablet with Android and iOS apps