Making your data a competitive advantage

Competition between educational institutions, worldwide, is at an all-time high forcing management to focus on increasing enrolment and registration whilst controlling costs.Educational Institutions need to improve tracking and reporting of student registrations, examination performance, and workforce effectiveness and also reduce operational costs through improved financial reporting and procurement efficiency.




How can we help

Icon has helped leading education institutions in the Asia Pacific region, ranging from Public and Private  Schools, to Universities, private colleges reduce their operational costs .Our solutions have helped educational institutions  to

  • Gain better insight of student demand for services.
  • Better insights into timetabling, examination results and enrolment behaviour
  • Ease administrative and IT burdens associated with reporting and data analysis
  • Optimize procurement processes to minimize costs
  • Optimise marketing spend
  • Provide improved visibility on recruitment return on investment
  • Improve people management strategies by providing workforce analysis and planning.
  • Increase operational efficiency and lower costs of registration service processes
  • Support estate management analysis

Case Study

Company Overview

Our customer is one of the leading autonomous universities of applied learning in Asia. It offers industry-focused degree programmes targeted at growth sectors of the economy. It also offers its own applied degree programmes with a unique pedagogy that integrates work and study and specialized degree programmes in partnership with world-class universities.

Business Need

Our customer wantedto integrate disparate sources of data to help them provide a single transparent view of admissions and registrar operations in order to derive and analyse new data insights.

Solution Proposed and Implemented

We implemented QlikView which helped them to integrate data from different sources and do detailed analysis on data from the admissions and registrar office to understand patterns like  how many inquiries converted  into admissions, total dropout ratio ,student attributes like age/gender , academic attributes like faculties/subjects etc. They could also monitor student academic standings and analyse student patterns/behaviours.