Manage Risks, Reduce Costs, Enhance Customer Relationship

The uncertainty in financial markets means banks must closely manage costs while still managing risk and meeting regulatory compliance.

Self-service Business Intelligence can enable financial services institutions to analyze large volumes of data from multiple sources empowering them to increase their efficiency and meet regulatory compliance demands.




How can we help

Icon has partnered with leading financial institutions and has enabled them to gain quick, clear visibility into operations, programs and processes .

We offer Qlik as a business analytics tool, which leading financial institutions can use to:

  • Enhance customer intelligence for sales and marketing through targeting, segmentation, cross-sell/up-sell and profitability analysis
  • Improve visibility into transactions, payments, assets, and branch activity
  • Better analyze credit quality, counterparty risk, operational risk, and exposures in loan portfolios
  • Facilitate faster regulatory compliance fraud investigation
  • Optimize operations, improve service levels, and streamline IT
  • Discover and capitalize on new business opportunities

Case Study

Company Overview

Our customer is one of the world’s leading insurance groups and is a FTSE 100 company, listed on the London Stock Exchange. They write business in 130 countries, providing general insurance products to over 20 million customers worldwide.

They have a portfolio of businesses with strong market positions that deliver sustainable returns and protect people against the risks they face in their daily lives, both personal and commercial. Their global network provides property, casualty, motor and household insurance to over 20 million people worldwide.


The customer was facing challenge in identifying and tracking revenue across multiple segments, countries and practice groups. They wanted to have access to accurate data in order to analyze individual client revenue and do customer wise analysis of claims and premiums.

Solution Proposed and Implemented

We implemented Qlik for financial analysis which helped the customer in creating clearer accountability through standard segmentation across the region, identifying and analyzing the most important clients to improve revenue, gaining instant access to information in multiple dimensions and performing “Octave and decile analysis” to make better strategic decisions.