Improve Productivity, Profitability and Liquidity

Hospitality organizations face many challenges, from competitors, economic and political factors, and global environmental issues, to shifts in customer habits and attitudes.

Hospitality  industry today need to do a careful analysis and proper interpretation of historical and real time data, including transactions, costs, customer satisfaction, vacancy rates, employee salaries and turnover, seasonal fluctuations, competitor prices, and more to stay ahead of competition.



How can we help

Icon has helped world’s leading hospitality groups in the Asia pacific region to run their business successfully by  helping them to derive valuable insights from their data. We have enabled our customers with a consolidated and consistent view of the key hospitality key performance indicators.

Interactive BI for Hospitality enables you to :

  • Manage revenue and understand price optimization trending
  • Analyze room maintenance and inventory allocation, food, and beverage controls
  • Offer products and services that match customer preferences
  • Target different cross-sell and up-sell offers based on prior purchase behavior
  • Track performance of venues such as room bookings, dining, entertainment, and retail outlets, to determine the percentage contribution to total revenue
  • Analyzes a variety of business revenue drivers such as room availability, occupancy rate, multi-level discounts, and more
  • Track many KPIs using the Executive Dashboard which provides the performance metrics: Occupancy%, Room Revenue, ADR (Average Daily Rate), RevPar (Revenue Per Available Room)

Case Study

Company Overview

Our customer is one of the leading hotels in the South east region. They are an integrated hospitality management, franchising, investment, and development company headquartered in Singapore and manages more than 4,000 keys in over 60 hotels within the Asia Pacific region and has regional offices in Bangalore, Bangkok and Sydney.


The hotel group was generating every day a lot of heterogeneous information. They were looking for a solution which could help in the homogenization of information, so that the central services could monitor the operation of each center and analyze key KPIs to know the profitability of each center.

Solution Proposed 

To better understand their operations, our customer implemented a new business intelligence system Qlik on our recommendation .The solution helped them to achieve operational efficiency and in turn enhance profitability by analysing data and presenting it in the form of dashboards and visualisations for management to make informed decisions.

They started using the Executive Dashboard to measure performance metrics:Occupancy%, Room Revenue, ADR (Average Daily Rate), RevPar (Revenue Per Available Room), Room Performance Metrics in YTD and MTD and many more.

They could also perform market segment analysis , and many performance parameters for management to analyse like Actual Vs Budget Vs Forecast Analysis, 80-20 Analysis, What If Scenario Analysis,Quadrant Analysis ,P&L Reports ,Geographic feeder Market report with Room Nights and Revenue,Top N View of Companies, Travel Agents etc.