Increase business agility with quick, measurable success

Manufacturing companies today require more flexible business models and real-time decision making intelligence. Lessons learned during the global economic downturn have driven manufacturing companies to operate leaner and smarter. Manufacturing companies are increasing shifting to “demand pull” and “made to order” business models to improve business efficiency.





How can we help

Icon offer a range of services in the areas of business analytics, tailored specifically to the manufacturing sector. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the domain, we have helped leading manufacturing companies with their data analysis to enhance manufacturing performance, reduce manufacturing costs, increase visibility into their supply chain etc.

We offer Qlik as a business analytics tool, which leading manufacturing companies can  use to :

Gain real-time visibility across the entire supply chain

  • Measure operational efficiency & increase the effectiveness of process improvement methodologies
  • Collaborate effectively with suppliers, partners and customers to improve business agility
  • Mitigate supplier, compliance and cost volatility risks
  • Maximize marketing and sales efficiency
  • Gain  visibility of inventory across the organization
  • Optimize innovation processes to drive enhanced time to value
  • Enable Regulatory, Compliance and Sustainability agendas & obligations

Case Study

Company Overview

Our customer is one of the leading coat and paint manufacturer in Asia .They provide end to end solutions for all kinds of paint needs from home furnishings, high rise buildings to factories, automobiles and numerous Industrial establishments. They have four manufacturing plants and currently manufacture over 10,000 different paint formulations.

Business Need

The company wanted to get better data from their ERP system, get a detailed report on their life cycle for sales orders ,allow sales managers to analyze data without direct IT support and provide analytical capabilities to a mobile workforce.

Solution Proposed and Implemented

To better understand their operations, our customer implemented a new decision support system using QlikView. With QlikView, users now have the ability to view and analyze data from the Movex database through a user-friendly interface. They are no longer limited to standard reports and can ask questions they could not predict in advance. As a result, sales personnel are no longer dependent on the IT department for information. This has helped to improve customer and product profitability significantly.