Optimize service performance and client interactions

Retail is one of the fastest growing industries wherein new trends are emerging and competition is increasing, especially in the online market. Competition is stiff and retailers need to target and retain profitable customers while optimizing supply chains for more efficient sales, marketing, merchandising and servicing.

How can we help

Icon has helped leading retailers to increase their top-line revenues and decrease their operational costs substantially by implementing Qlik solution for Retail. Customers


With Qlik, customers can

  • Analyze customers, products and transactions across channels and geographical markets
  • Rapidly integrate data from any source
  • Track and visualize volatile industry trends in real-time
  • Perform local analysis, revealing differences in needs between stores.
  • Blend data from different channels.
  • Perform targeted segmentation by incorporating geographical data.
  • Optimize product mix for each channel.
  • Optimize pricing to improve top and bottom line financial performance.
  • Master the supply chain, reduce costs and increase effectiveness.
  • Place products within a store strategically.