Sales Force

TRANSFORM YOUR SALES PROCESS WITH Salesforce ! Salesforce Automation and CRM is the world’s largest provider of Cloud CRM software .With CRM solutions from, you can streamline and automate business processes to give your sales team a 360-degree view of your customers, prospects and leads.

With salesforce CRM, every step of a sale – from phone calls and emails to collaboration with colleagues – is tracked in a single customer database, so sales reps stay organised and build stronger relationships with clients.

With this simple and easy CRM system, you can make smarter decisions on where to focus your sales efforts and close more deals faster.

The average customer experiences:

  • 25% increase in Win Rates
  • 30% increase in Sales Revenue
  • 34% increase in Sales Reps Productivity

Sales Cloud

Grow sales faster.

With Sales Cloud, you can grow your accounts faster, find new customers faster, and close deals faster — from anywhere.

Service Cloud

With service cloud, you can give faster, smarter service that will increase loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud offers hundreds of features to help you execute any possible use case, whether you need basic email marketing tools or sophisticated cross-channel campaign functionality.

Community Cloud

Community Cloud connects customers, partners, and employees directly to the information, apps, and experts they need to take action.

Analytics Cloud

Explore the features that deliver insight faster than ever.Every business user can find and share answers instantly.